Tuesday, March 31, 2020

How to be efficient with email in a very busy office environment

When I first discovered “email” I was truly glad, because a thought could be instantly shared with someone else within a few minutes, even if this person was not near me. For me, it was truly important in the business environment that I was in.

Today, email, for many is an annoyance as a great percentage of it might be frivolous, unimportant, or worst. It has been replaced by many with text messages in many different forms.

However, email, for businesses is still extremely important, for the sample reason that, the written word can be used as proof of what was said. An important phone conversation should always be followed by an email stating what was talked about and the decisions that were made and by whom and for whom.

So, how to handle emails in a busy environment.

One way that it is done in some companies is, each person gets assigned an email address and that person is now responsible to take care of that particular mailbox. This kind of set up is not very good for several reasons:
  1. The individual needs be very diligent, which is not always the case.
  2. Some individuals may receive plenty of emails and someone else very few.
  3. There is no control of performance
  4. The # of email addresses can easily get very large, especially if there is a lot of turn around with personnel.
Another way is to have a single email address answered by several people. That is a better way as long as there is a good system for that particular mailbox to be attended to.
For example:
  1. Sales@company.com
  2. Accounting@ompany.com
  3. Officeofthepresident@company.com
  4. Customerservice@company.com
  5. Etc….
This is a better setup because now tech does not have to keep track of who’s is no longer employed in the company.

Each company likely has a different way of taking care of these emails, and their IT department is working on that, I am sure. But, for a smaller business like mine, I was not able to find a good online application that could have one mailbox taken care of by multiple people in an efficient matter until about 8 years ago. I do not want to advertise this particular company here but if you want to know who they are, you can always let me know.

With gratitude, always.

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