Sunday, September 24, 2023

History verses Memories

I participate every morning to a Morning Prayer Meeting. It is via Zoom. I truly enjoy seeing many of my fellow brothers and sisters. I enjoy sharing with them for several minutes every day. They are kind to me, and I am kind to them too.

These days we are reading from a book titled, "Mother of Peace". True Mother (Dr. Hak Ja Han), is describing the story of her life, starting with her Grand-Mother, and Mother, at the time where Korea was occupied by Japan.

Suddenly a flow of thoughts came to me and I wanted to share them below.

My reflection would be too long to share in a few minutes. For the 1st 17 years of my life the only stories that I heard from my parents about their lives, were the 5 years of war/occupation of France during World War Two. When one is in the middle of a dramatic event, it cannot be remove from memory and will dominate (take subject position) the life of the individual. That is one of the reasons that World Peace is necessary - so that we can go beyond this kind of memories.

We cannot forget history - but we should not re-lived it every day either. And only those who did not live it, can be able to do so.

Healing process will come from the lives of those

who did not actually live the actual event.



Saturday, June 3, 2023

Do you agree that the Unification Movement needs to unite and heal within at some point in order to be victorious?

Unite: Yes

Heal: Will take a long time and therefore the victory is when everyone accepts the fact that we don’t all think alike, but are willing to do our best to respect, work, and grow together.  

Once my husband asked me the following question: How long do you think it is going to take to have Heaven on earth – literally. 

I responded: 2,000 years. He was shocked, he could not fathom that it would take that long. But I did.


Even, if we had every single person living on earth today, blessed and educated and understanding the value of the blessing, most of them will still be spiritual infant. It is going to take them the rest of their lives on earth to grow and go from infant to possibly teens.

I am 72 years old, my personality is such that I had to lie to my priest every week, so that he had “sins” to forgive me. I did not have any sins (at least to my child understanding), I made them up. However, since my husband departure (and probably because of it), I have come to truly understand that I know very little about what it means to be someone “like God” and be capable to be the lord of the universe, which is the status that God wants us to reach. 

So, 2,000 is not so bad, if during these 2,000 we are all trying to do our best. 

Spiritual growth comes first.

What is spiritual growth: It is applying the principle of living for the sake of other and learning how to make it happen without ignoring our own needs (not easy to do)

Spiritual growth has nothing to do with rituals – however, rituals can help (but they have to remain in the object position)

Then the way we do everything else will improve:

  • Politics
  • Media
  • Entertainment
  • Science
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Art

Media and Entertainment industries are the two that could expedite the ability for u, because they are the medium that all of us use to get information. Unfortunately, the information we get is 95% of the time leading humanity into the wrong direction.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

What would happen if

  • throughout the whole world
  • at the same time
  • all soldiers who have been ordered to fight and kill their peers,
  • would stop
  • refuge to kill, refuge to destroy, refuge to hate.
  • period!

What would happen?

It would instantly paralyze the world.

World leaders would have no choice but to come together and make plans for peace treaties between nations, between tribes, between brothers.

Militaries would become peace ambassadors and protectors. Their budgets will be used for improving the well beings of impoverished countries. They will become teachers, counselors and caregivers to those in needs.

What used to make weapons would make tools to improve infrastructures so that those who, today, have to walk several miles just to find water will not have to do so any longer.

Let us prove to each other that we are capable to lead this world and care for each, then and, only then would we be given the rights to explore the universe.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Sincere prayers never go to waist.

Prayers have been a way for human beings to connect with God from the beginning of times. Prayers are words that are spoken to someone we do not see, or hear, to someone we barely know. And, yet, our prayers can instantly bring many tears, or much anger, and always hope.

Children do not know why their parents pray, but they follow. It is instinctive. It is something we do, when we want something that seems unreachable, or when we feel sad. And, once in a while we also pray out of gratitude because, that day, we feel good.

Prayers is the tool of choice for any human beings, regardless of their belief to receive comfort, confirmation, hope, or relief. Even though who don’t believe, we pray. It is instinctive. We don’t even know that we pray. A soldier going into battle will pray even if he or she do not believe. Even “a bad person” will pray for the succeed of his or her future bad deeds.

Prayers are not only the recitation of some printed words. A thought, a song, are many times prayers as well. Even a conversation with someone might be a prayer.

Our prayers should be paid attention to – since we do it all the time, conscientiously or not – we need to pay attention to them. Because, like it or not they will have an effect upon the future of our lives. If we think about our prayers, we may have more effective prayers, prayers that will reach the goal intended.

Prayers will help know whom we are talking to or with – this un-seeing, un-hearing God that too many of us don’t even believe in – if we pay attention to our prayers, we will discover the being that we are praying to. We will discover the reason for our existence and the purpose of our lives.

Would it not be so much better if we prayed to a being that we actually knew and understood?

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

My father was supposed to be a priest.

My father was supposed to be a priest. In early 20th century in France the 1st son in a family would become a priest and if there was no son, the 1st Daughter would become a nun.

So, my father was supposed to become a priest. But his health was not very good, he was considered “too fragile”, so, after his seminary education, he had to return to the secular life.

I was the oldest daughter of my dad. My younger sister and I, both, for the 1st two years of our lives, were dressed only in blue and white colors in honor of the “Virgin Mary”. 

Sunday was very important, my sister holding my Father’s hand, and me holding my mother’s hand, we would walk to and from church, regardless of the weather. We did not have a car. We would also attend all the other rituals of the Catholic Church and walk to and from each of them, always.

My sister and I, both, enjoy every one of these rituals and were completely united with them.

Today’s morning devotion (March 14th, 2023) made me remember all these things, as Dr. Yong explained how important Sunday service is and our attitude towards it for the health of our spiritual self.

Monday, February 27, 2023

The heart of a widow - A blessed widow -

I am a widow, I am alone, I have no one to talk with, I have no one to share my joy, my sorrows, my hopes, my work, my food, my – everything.

I have no one to kiss good morning or kiss good night. So, I kiss my cat instead!

My husband and I, years prior to his ascension had told me, he did not want me to be alone if I was going to be the one left behind. He even suggested a few names of friends of ours who were singles.

When we found out that he was very sick – he reminded me of that. He was so concerned about me. He loved me, beyond himself. He loves me today, still.

A year after his departure – I considered the possibility of welcoming someone in my life, but the idea did not last more than just a few days. In the past 10 years I have grown a lot, spiritually, Why? Because I am alone. I would not be able to share my life today, intimately with another husband.

I am alone, therefore, I have more time for myself. I found myself, in the prayer room much longer – reading, thinking, singing, praying. I have time. I have no one else to care for or to worry about. I am alone.

As a mother and a wife, I was the last one to go to bed, I could not fall asleep until I knew that “my brood” was safely tuck in bed, and that included my husband.

Today, I am the first, and the last to go to bed. I am alone.

Blessed widows and widowers need give and take, need companionship, need a kiss on the head once in a while. Some of us may be able to function, alone, but many may not. For the sake of spiritual and physical lives blessed widows and widowers need to be allowed to find each other. So, that, together, they can keep growing and become the Godly individuals that Heavenly Parent wants us to become.

PS: 6 months after the departure of my husband, I invited a couple to move in with me, they were there for almost 9 years. We live together as true friends and helped and served each other. I am so grateful for them being with me. Soon, I will be moving with my daughter and son in law. I am soon to be 72 years old.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

A lesson about: Trust, Humility, and Love

Understanding the teachings that comes from Heaven takes a lifetime and more. Our inability to understand what the teacher is saying is common and our human interpretation may be wrong at times.

If one Westerner person reads religious texts coming from the Orient there is an additional factor, words, though translated may not means what they seem. The effort from the reader who is seeking spiritual awakening is going to have to be constant.

However, reading is not going to be enough for understanding to come. The original mind and original heart are going to be involved, like partners for true understanding to take place. An attitude of trust towards the teacher is also going to have to be present, otherwise Heaven will not be able to help.

I read this sentence in “Mother of Peace” page 30.

 “Han-jun, Han-jun! Your sincere devotion has moved Heaven. I was expecting to send a Son of Heaven to your family. However, because you bought the sandals, I will send to your family the Princess of Heaven.”

I did not feel comfortable with it. Reading it made me feel that Heaven was telling Mr. Han that giving birth to a daughter versus a son was second best. I could not agree with that statement. My mind and heart wrestle with it for a while. I did not dismiss the reading as wrong, I simply believed that I was missing something.

Many days later, an understanding that I was not even looking for at the time came to me. It has everything to do with a mother’s heart. The motivation for every action or word spoken is more important to Heaven than anything else. When Mr. Han bought himself a pair of straw sandals, he did not do it with a selfish heart, he did it out of respect so that he could continue to serve his country and his people to the best of his ability.

His motivation was clean, loving, and very motherly. Heaven recognized a true Motherly heart in the Han’s lineage. The Han lineage gave birth to the “Only Begotten Daughter” because the Han’s lineage was the most qualified to do so, and not because they were not good enough to give birth to the “Only Begotten Son”.

Anne-Marie Mylar, October 4th, 2020.

The 8th anniversary of my husband departure to the Spiritual World. A coincidence?