Friday, May 1, 2020

Describing Heaven...One thought at a time.

Julius Caesar appeared in the Roman Empire, conquered Gaul, incorporated it into the Roman Empire, and accomplished the unification of the Roman Empire (45 BC).
The New Essentials of Unification Thoughts – 2016 page 358

This morning after reading this sentence, a special feeling came over me, for the first time, in my whole life, as far as I can remember. I felt sad not to be able to speak the language of my ancestors, the ones before the Romans invaded France. The French language spoken today has been greatly influence by the presence of Romans in Gaul. For some reason I felt sad and hurt about this.

This kind of feeling in a fallen environment would cause resentment, anger, and possibly could lead to acts of violence and wars. However, I did not feel such feelings. I simply was sad and regretted not knowing the original languages of my ancestors.

Then my thoughts, went the following way. In a world where all of humanity is living centered on God the behavior expressed above will be the norm. Call it elements of peace, or elements of emotional maturity, perhaps. The result will be the same.

Many of us, wonder what Heaven looks like, what it will feel like, or what it truly means. What I described above is one of the elements of Heaven.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

How to be efficient with email in a very busy office environment

When I first discovered “email” I was truly glad, because a thought could be instantly shared with someone else within a few minutes, even if this person was not near me. For me, it was truly important in the business environment that I was in.

Today, email, for many is an annoyance as a great percentage of it might be frivolous, unimportant, or worst. It has been replaced by many with text messages in many different forms.

However, email, for businesses is still extremely important, for the sample reason that, the written word can be used as proof of what was said. An important phone conversation should always be followed by an email stating what was talked about and the decisions that were made and by whom and for whom.

So, how to handle emails in a busy environment.

One way that it is done in some companies is, each person gets assigned an email address and that person is now responsible to take care of that particular mailbox. This kind of set up is not very good for several reasons:
  1. The individual needs be very diligent, which is not always the case.
  2. Some individuals may receive plenty of emails and someone else very few.
  3. There is no control of performance
  4. The # of email addresses can easily get very large, especially if there is a lot of turn around with personnel.
Another way is to have a single email address answered by several people. That is a better way as long as there is a good system for that particular mailbox to be attended to.
For example:
  5. Etc….
This is a better setup because now tech does not have to keep track of who’s is no longer employed in the company.

Each company likely has a different way of taking care of these emails, and their IT department is working on that, I am sure. But, for a smaller business like mine, I was not able to find a good online application that could have one mailbox taken care of by multiple people in an efficient matter until about 8 years ago. Now I do. I have tried to share it, but no one is listening. It is too sad. I think, or am I wrong? I could, it would not be the first time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

My Mom, Blanche Seguette

Today is Wednesday March 18, 2020

I woke up this morning from a dream. In my dream I saw my Mom. I have had the desire to see my Mom, in a dream or spiritually many times but it never happened before. To my recollection this is the first time.
She was beautiful, she was happy. She was petite, plumped, but not very overweight. She wore a white dress with print of tiny pink flowers all over. So, the dress looked like it was pink. She had a full head of beautiful white hair. She looked around 75 years old. She was beautiful. Her spirit was good, healthy, and loving.
It was Christmas day. The place was a large house, with many rooms and an elevator. There were people everywhere, in each room, in each hallway. People were giving each other gifts. Others were still wrapping. I did not have any gift to wrap or give, however, I was not worried about it. I thought of Andrea and was wondering about a gift. But then, we saw each other and embraced and it was all good.
I saw my Mom, when I was coming out of the elevator to the first floor. She was right there in front
of the door. She smiled. We embraced. It was so good.
I am happy because I have been wondering what my Parents, my sister and her husband have been up to in the spiritual world. I know that they suffered a lot after I became a Unificationist. I was dead to them all. They could not understand what I did. They were so resentful. So, I have been wondering how they were doing now, in the spiritual world.
Seeing my Mom, makes me feel good because she is the mother. A mother is the person who takes care of everyone. She was happy, she had a large smile, she was free of resentment. She can now also help my father, my sister, and her husband. This is truly good. I am so grateful for this dream.
If I was a painter, I will paint a picture of her.
My Mom January 1995 (She looks so sad there) Last time I saw her.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

An American Prayer

Dear God in Heaven,

Thank you for guiding my life to this day.  Thank you for your ultimate patience and love.  I would not be who I am today if you had not been so.

Thank you for my husband.  Through him I have grown and become a greater person.  Thank you for my daughter, so unique, so loving and so sensitive in her own way.

I am here today and I write these words because I hear my husband cry.  He loves you dearly and his life has no meaning unless it is with you in his soul.  He tries.  He read many books and studied many religions but here he is because there was nothing there that could possible compare with the power of your Divine Principle.

 Dear God in Heaven, we want to teach our country men, women and children about you and about our True Parents.  We want to do it the way we know how.  We are not afraid.  We have nothing to lose.  Our lives have belonged to you from the time we were still in our youth.  We are not worried about going to Heaven.  We will be there if the rest of the world is.

Please let us understand what you want.  Give us the freedom to do it the American way.  We will do it with intelligence and heart.  We will use wisdom and courage.  We will work hard.  We will be proud of our work but will remain humble.  We will let you, God Almighty, guide us.  We will listen closely to your words and follow the Divine Principle.  We will be victorious because there is no other choice.

Respectfully and humbly submitted,
Anne-Marie Mylar

Sunday, September 22, 2019

How to apply, “Living for the sake of others”, when one is searching for a spouse.

If you were married and/or blessed once before:

Eliminate all resentment, possibly anger, and even sadness from previous relationships that might have been experienced. God cannot help, unless you eliminate all of these from your heart. Even difficult experiences in a past relationship may help making a new relationship successful. If they do exist, only remember the good experiences. The one that made you a better person, a more knowledgeable individual.


Having children has always been promoted by our True Parents. But so, has been wisdom and thinking of others before self. Think and pray well. Do not stay single simply because of an obsession that may never be fulfilled.

Seek the blessing for the sake of the other person:

The blessing is an amazing gift that will give you plenty of opportunities to grow your heart, discover God, and become the divine being that our Heavenly Parent would like you to become.

A simple prayer:

Dear Heavenly Parent let me find the spouse you have in mind for me. Show me whom would I be the best person for. Send me towards the person I can be the most helpful to. When we are together, let us help each other to be your conduit through whom you can express yourself to the world.

Monday, September 9, 2019

K-Pop and J-Pop

I read today a beautiful article about a group of young people who are part of the K-Pop culture. The article was true but incomplete.

My response to the article is below:

 I see nothing wrong with the article I just read, but there is something missing.

They are young people exploited by the businesses at hand who have no other goals but make plenty of money. These young people are puppets that suffer tremendously in their soul. If Satan takes, God will too and therefore, in around about way God is going to use the unwilling sacrifice of these young people to advance his providence. These young people, most of them will become casualty of war. Their personal lives are ignored, their souls and hearts are ignore. I cannot watch them, it makes me cry.

You will find the article HERE

2/25/2020: This is an update - that confirmed, in my personal opinion what I think about K-Pop and J-Pop.


Friday, August 30, 2019

Why read the Words

Just like the Bible, the books that contains the words of our True Parents must be read. Why? Because we are told to? Or because it is necessary for our own growth? Because it is necessary.

How should we read the words of our True Parents? The same way, that Christians needed to read the Bible, with respect, humility, and great anticipation of discovery. Young and old alike who read the Bible because they had to, never really understood what they were reading. They did not make the Word their own. They did not take ownership of them. For many, it made them rigid, not able to apply what they had never understood through their reading. They read but never received from their reading the education needed.

With True Parents words, it is the same. Reading is good, understanding is better, and applying that understanding is what will make the world Heaven. We need to read with all of our senses, physical and spiritual.

Education is not a cookie-cutter that can fit everyone. Education needs to be adapted to the person who needs to be educated. Therefore, it is important that the person who reads the Word do it his or her own way.

My way is not your way, and your way may not be mine, but both our ways if the purpose is to truly understand what is read, then it is good. I read alone. I start my day with the Word, I end my day with the Word. I have done it for quite many years now.

Sometimes, I read, and I am completely in agreement with the words. But it is not always the case. If I read something that I don’t understand or that I do not agree with, I still keep reading. I do not accept what I do not agree with. I wait, keep an open mind. I put myself in the position of a learner.

Why do I keep reading, even when I do not agree with the sentence, the paragraph, or the whole page? Because I trust God, and I also trust the True Parents, respect, and love them very much. So, I wait. True Parents have proven themselves to me. They do not need to defend their words or actions to me. No one else I know were able to bring the Divine Principle to me, they did. There might have been many candidates with similar experiences like True Father. But he is the only one who was able to bring it to the world, no one else.

I have realized that my ability to understand God and our history has developed a lot. I also have a pretty good idea of the future – once we are living in oneness with our Creator. I cannot explain these things very well, but I know. Spiritual growth has truly taken place, and I credit this to my reading the words. But it is not just me that has grown because of my reading. It is my environment too, including my spiritual world. We all benefit.