Monday, June 24, 2013

The Three Blessings

Last night as I reflected on my day, the, "Three Blessings" mentioned in the Bible came to mind.  We have been educated to think of them in relationship to a person individual growth.  However, I came to remember some other teachings that told me that when God created, "Man", he created a very complex being that encompassed all the elements of the created world before Him.  I was also told that God's Principle is found at all levels of the creation, from the cellular level to the most complex level of creation, humans.
I came to reflect that God's Principle and laws are not only a part or segment of His creation but for all of His creation, and therefore the, "Three Blessings" need to be applied at more than just an individual’s growth.  For example, a group of people, like a church or a movement, may need to follow these principles in order so that God's blessings can be received.

To become fruitful, for a tree it is easy, but for a human being it is a lot more complex.  And, as I have been taught it does not only mean to reach maturity physically, but it also means to reach maturity spiritually.  Before one can multiply as a movement, a church, a group of people, it must fulfill the first blessing, first, so that growth in numbers can really take place in a very large and God's centered way.