Thursday, January 14, 2016

That shall not judge

Many humans have done amazing great deeds of serving and sacrificing and giving for centuries, I am thinking especially of religious missionaries in Africa, Asia, and South America. It is amazing, when thinking about it, how many millions of dollars and lives have been invested in serving mankind and yet, it is not enough.

One should wonder if money is the answer. I would argue against it. I have deep respect and would certainly put anyone on a pedestal who serve and sacrifice their entire life for the sake of the unfortunate. But, it is also important to understand that, that alone will not save us from our ultimate inhalation. Why, simply because the fundamental reason of man’s misery is within his soul.

One of the mistakes that all humans make is the mistake of judgment. We pass judgment on others in the daily course of our day; we do it not just once but many a times, each and every day. We pass judgment about religious, business, and political behaviors of our peers simply because they think and act differently than I. This is one of the most fundamental mistakes of us, humans.

Case in point:
A young man from church recently made the following comment about adoption.
“Why would a couple adopt only from another couple of the same church? There are so many children out there who need to be adopted.”   There are many ways to review and respond to this question. One is obvious; it has a religious connection, which makes just plain sense. To me, the second part of the comment is a lot more important than the first part. He is passing judgment according to his way of thinking and that is where we always go wrong.

He is basically accusing other people of not adopting these hopeless children. Why, should judgment be passed? Please adopt children from where ever background you would like, I will not pass judgment, I will command you for your giving heart, and respect the way you found to help your fellow man. And do not judge me for not doing so.  My sacrifice, my ability to serve mankind is just different, not wrong, just different.

Religious people should know better, but we still fall into the pattern above and delay spiritual process every time we do so. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Nobody loves or cares about me!

My answer to a friend:

The weakness of a person is measure by the lack of acknowledgment of it. The strength of a person is measured by the ability to recognize the strong and weak points and do something about them on a daily basis. I believe you are the later. You know and understand who you are and are working every day on becoming the person that ultimately God wants you to be, therefore, you are already a victor.

As for your question or statement about, “nobody loves or cares about me?” forget this statement. It has no value coming from you. The most important question or statement is, “Do I love this person, when I dealt with this person today, even if I had to reprimand this person, did I do it with a parental heart, did I do it with God’s heart, or did I do it to release my own frustration towards this person.”

That is the question we should all ask ourselves on a daily basis. If we do that, we will never have to worry about do people love us or not. I am grateful of your sharing on Facebook. That is the level of discussion and sharing I like to have with others. I appreciate your effort in wanting to make us think and read and pushing us forwards. You have the mark of a great leader.

Don’t give up, you have a beautiful family and I have no doubt that they love you.