Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Let Us Pray...

To Whom It May Concern:

I don’t watch TV, I don’t have cable, on purpose.  When I want to see the news, I watch BBC.

Today, March 23, 2016 I watched the news and I saw the report on the Brussel’s attack.

I want to pray. I so want to pray!  And I can, of course, but, me, alone, how powerful can my prayer be? Will it reach the gods?  Will it reach the powerful forces in the universe that can change us and make us humans and not monsters?

How do we deal with this?  I am asking you? And you, and you.  I am not asking, my government, I am not asking my military, I am not asking my police force, I am asking you.  The humble no body that makes 90% of humanity.  Do we have the power to change things – yes I believe we do.  Where is this power?  It is not G for gun or W for war or H for hate or I for indifference.

Google says that 84% of people living on earth have faith.  We may not know what to do with it, we may not practice it, and in some places we may even have to hide it, but….somewhere, deep inside us, at the core of our human being we believe that we are different than the rest of the creation.  We may not understand it but we know, we are not like any other creatures on earth.

Would it hurt, if suddenly this 84% was praying to their God asking for guidance, asking for a hint, or just a suggestion, on how to help us live together in peace?

I want to pray with everyone, I don’t care which church you belong to, or even if you belong to one, it is not important to me.  What is important to me is that you want to pray too.  Pray for understanding, pray for us to live in peace. Pray that our leaders will be guided to make the right decisions, the right choices, for the sake of humanity and the future of our children.  Pray that our leaders will not act out of revenge, out of anger, out of outrage, though they have the right to be angry.  I want them to be able to receive guidance beyond their own abilities so that they will succeed where everyone else, before them, for so many thousands of years have failed.

It is time that we take hold of who we are as human beings.  We may look different and speak different languages.  But the language of the heart is the same regardless of where we come from.  Let’s give our heart the ability to do what it has always be capable of doing.  Let us learn to care, to be companionate, to be understanding, to ask for forgiveness, and to forgive, to respect our differences, let us learn to love.

Let Us Pray…

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Give and Take between the Spiritual World and the Physical World

By 2:30 pm Monday, February 29, 2016 I lay down in my reclining chair pretty much exhausted from the last day and half.  However, I am not unhappy.  Actually, I am very content with what happened the past few days.  Let me try to explain.
Our local church community decided to have a “Sunday Service” at my house.  We are a very small community, so the total number of people who actually gathered was four, add me, and we were a big five in total.  We gathered in my family room at 10:00 am.  We started with a prayer, then a reading, then discussed the topic that we had had in mind this time around: 

the spiritual world, spirituality, relationship between the spiritual world and the physical world, how to improve our relationships with the spiritual world, etc.

None of the five of us are mediumistic—we do not see images or hear voices from the spiritual world., All of us, however, do believe in the existence of a spiritual world and spiritual beings.  We have felt that world and experienced it throughout our lives on many occasions.

It is not my goal to give you a report of what we discussed.  I simply want to tell you why I am so exhausted but A-OK!  After our Sunday Service we had lunch and then two of the four people went back home.  Two stayed.  They stayed because the next morning they were going to meet a gentleman coming from Philadelphia at my house.  For the discussions of Sunday afternoon and evening one more person joined us.  She is my friend and she and her husband share my house with me.  She has an extensive knowledge of the spiritual world, does not pretend to know everything, but definitely her input is worth listening to.  The four of us talked a lot throughout the evening and the following morning.

We probably had been talking for at least a couple of hours on Sunday Night when I started unconsciously rubbing the back of my head.  I did not have a headache but felt tremendous pressure that started to feel quite uncomfortable.  About that time my daughter called from LA, so I left the discussion to talk to her.  I went upstairs and started to pet my cat and feed him by hand; within 10 minutes I realized that by doing something very physical I was doing much better and that the pressure I had experienced while downstairs was not as intense, and almost all gone. 

Then, I figured out and understood what was going on. We may have been only four people from this physical plane talking but I had the feeling my family room was actually packed with spirits.  They wanted to participate in the discussion or simply listen.  It became very obvious to me.  Then I remembered that it was not the first time for this to happen to me.  I had forgotten because it does not happen often.  Knowing that the house was full of spiritual beings just like us who wanted to share or learn more about the relationship between our world and their world was uplifting to me.  It made me feel that we were on the right track.  We were discussing something important and something in which they definitively were also very interested. 
The next morning over our morning cup of coffee we talked for another couple of hours until the guest from Philadelphia arrived.  The same thing happened to me.  For whatever reason, spiritual beings seem to think that my cerebellum is an entryway or door of some kind.  So, at some point I had to leave that conversation, too, and do something physical like the dishes.  That helps a lot to feel grounded.

As I write this, it is Tuesday morning.  I am back to my normal routine.  I have no more guests in my house.  Just the three of us living here (I think!).  The pressure is going.  ….Elvis has left the building….