Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Obsolete words

Repent, Sinner, and all these kinds of words are obsolete and should not be used any longer. These words might have been useful thousands of years ago but today they do only two things:
  • Keep people like myself from reading any further - OR
  • Make those who read them, feel small, unworthy of anything, and therefore most of them become bitter and incapable of giving, forgiving, loving, and serving.

People can only be made to suffer for so long – because of the past sacrifices of many saints and sages – we are in a time period when we must learn new things, and self-flagellation is not one of them.
A self-assured individual will not be afraid, to give, to serve, to love, to forgive, and be forgiven. A self-assured individual will be capable to appreciate other’s culture and other people’s faith. A self-assured individual will be capable of stepping out of his or her comfort zone to make the world a better place for all.
The picture below is of my husband, the most loving, serving man I knew.