Friday, May 1, 2020

Describing Heaven...One thought at a time.

Julius Caesar appeared in the Roman Empire, conquered Gaul, incorporated it into the Roman Empire, and accomplished the unification of the Roman Empire (45 BC).
The New Essentials of Unification Thoughts – 2016 page 358

This morning after reading this sentence, a special feeling came over me, for the first time, in my whole life, as far as I can remember. I felt sad not to be able to speak the language of my ancestors, the ones before the Romans invaded France. The French language spoken today has been greatly influence by the presence of Romans in Gaul. For some reason I felt sad and hurt about this.

This kind of feeling in a fallen environment would cause resentment, anger, and possibly could lead to acts of violence and wars. However, I did not feel such feelings. I simply was sad and regretted not knowing the original languages of my ancestors.

Then my thoughts, went the following way. In a world where all of humanity is living centered on God the behavior expressed above will be the norm. Call it elements of peace, or elements of emotional maturity, perhaps. The result will be the same.

Many of us, wonder what Heaven looks like, what it will feel like, or what it truly means. What I described above is one of the elements of Heaven.