Saturday, December 10, 2022

A lesson about: Trust, Humility, and Love

Understanding the teachings that comes from Heaven takes a lifetime and more. Our inability to understand what the teacher is saying is common and our human interpretation may be wrong at times.

If one Westerner person reads religious texts coming from the Orient there is an additional factor, words, though translated may not means what they seem. The effort from the reader who is seeking spiritual awakening is going to have to be constant.

However, reading is not going to be enough for understanding to come. The original mind and original heart are going to be involved, like partners for true understanding to take place. An attitude of trust towards the teacher is also going to have to be present, otherwise Heaven will not be able to help.

I read this sentence in “Mother of Peace” page 30.

 “Han-jun, Han-jun! Your sincere devotion has moved Heaven. I was expecting to send a Son of Heaven to your family. However, because you bought the sandals, I will send to your family the Princess of Heaven.”

I did not feel comfortable with it. Reading it made me feel that Heaven was telling Mr. Han that giving birth to a daughter versus a son was second best. I could not agree with that statement. My mind and heart wrestle with it for a while. I did not dismiss the reading as wrong, I simply believed that I was missing something.

Many days later, an understanding that I was not even looking for at the time came to me. It has everything to do with a mother’s heart. The motivation for every action or word spoken is more important to Heaven than anything else. When Mr. Han bought himself a pair of straw sandals, he did not do it with a selfish heart, he did it out of respect so that he could continue to serve his country and his people to the best of his ability.

His motivation was clean, loving, and very motherly. Heaven recognized a true Motherly heart in the Han’s lineage. The Han lineage gave birth to the “Only Begotten Daughter” because the Han’s lineage was the most qualified to do so, and not because they were not good enough to give birth to the “Only Begotten Son”.

Anne-Marie Mylar, October 4th, 2020.

The 8th anniversary of my husband departure to the Spiritual World. A coincidence?