Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Sincere prayers never go to waist.

Prayers have been a way for human beings to connect with God from the beginning of times. Prayers are words that are spoken to someone we do not see, or hear, to someone we barely know. And, yet, our prayers can instantly bring many tears, or much anger, and always hope.

Children do not know why their parents pray, but they follow. It is instinctive. It is something we do, when we want something that seems unreachable, or when we feel sad. And, once in a while we also pray out of gratitude because, that day, we feel good.

Prayers is the tool of choice for any human beings, regardless of their belief to receive comfort, confirmation, hope, or relief. Even though who don’t believe, we pray. It is instinctive. We don’t even know that we pray. A soldier going into battle will pray even if he or she do not believe. Even “a bad person” will pray for the succeed of his or her future bad deeds.

Prayers are not only the recitation of some printed words. A thought, a song, are many times prayers as well. Even a conversation with someone might be a prayer.

Our prayers should be paid attention to – since we do it all the time, conscientiously or not – we need to pay attention to them. Because, like it or not they will have an effect upon the future of our lives. If we think about our prayers, we may have more effective prayers, prayers that will reach the goal intended.

Prayers will help know whom we are talking to or with – this un-seeing, un-hearing God that too many of us don’t even believe in – if we pay attention to our prayers, we will discover the being that we are praying to. We will discover the reason for our existence and the purpose of our lives.

Would it not be so much better if we prayed to a being that we actually knew and understood?