Online Matching System (OMS)


Why? Because it serves an important purpose. You may think that it is because it helps Matching Supporter find a spouse for you. NO, that is not the purpose of the Online Matching System. Then what is it? To help each individual take responsibility for their own choices. Through OMS, you the candidate, can search for your Heavenly Spouse.

Many years ago, during our extreme pioneering times, the young people of that time chose to follow an unknown Man because what he was saying made a lot more sense than what the rest of the world was teaching them. They took on responsibilities way beyond their abilities and trusted God and True Parents to be there for them wherever they were, and whatever circumstance they were in. Faith was their sword and shield all in one. He called; they came. He chose their spouse and they said yes. It was that simple.

It was easy … One would have to be na├»ve to think that it was. After all they were going against the grain of their world; they were doing something that was truly irritating to many. They were forcing the world to change, one guest at a time, one Blessing at a time.

Today the world has changed. Because of this Man and his most beautiful and hard-working Wife… The world has changed. But, if you are in a pioneering mode, do not worry there is still much pioneering to be done. One venue that is still in a pioneering mode is finding one’s Heavenly Spouse. OMS is there to teach, to guide, to help, and to nurture the young and not so young people of today to find their eternal Spouse. How can an online application do all that?

The faith of today must have the same intensity as the one of your elders from the pioneering time. But that faith now has a new element, YOU. You need to trust YOU. If you cannot, then no matter how much cheering and supporting Heaven is giving you, it is not going to reach you.


Creating Peace one Marriage Blessing at a Time


In a world that is ever becoming more global, individuals who wish to create marriages that overcome the boundaries of race and culture will expedite the ability of man to establish a peaceful world. Learning others’ cultures and ways of thinking will eliminate the fear of the unknown and make human beings less likely to wage war based on fear and ignorance. The advancement of world communication through the internet and telephone is making it possible for marriage to have a global impact on the future of mankind.

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