Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolution!

I wish to be efficient in what I do.
This has been my New Year's resolution for many years. So, I guess it will be so again this year. As the years passed, I feel the urgency to do well, to be efficient. I have possibly another thirty years in front of me, or may be much less.

I am not interested to be victorious for my own self; I am interested to be victorious because it will make a positive impact on our world. I am sixty years old. I do not work eighteen hours a day like I used to. My work habits have switched from external to internal. I think, pray, reflect, lead, advise, counsel, smile, and love more.  That is what older people should do, isn't it?

My credentials are simple.
I am sixty years old
A wife for 32 years
A mother for 21 years
So, I hope that this coming year I will be more efficient at what I do, so that in my own way I will have a positive impact on our world one year at a time.