Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Prayer

Beloved Heavenly Father! Today is October 5, 1998, which is also Chuseok in Korea, a day of celebration on which the people honor their ancestors. You have worked endlessly to establish the realm of liberation for the Old, New and Completed Testament ages in history to ease Your grief over not having seen this world become a settlement of love, in which all forms of creation, all people in the spirit world, countless believers, and all things created with love and living on earth would have lived together with You. Today, before heaven and earth, Cheongpyeong in Korea, and the people gathered here in São Paulo in the western world, please bring to an end the sorrowful history that You have had to endure, (296-9, 1998.10.5)

One may not necessarily understand or even approved of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, but when I read the prayer above I sure don't see anything wrong with it.  I wish our world would be the way he is praying for.  I have not lived an impossible dream.  I truly believe that with conscious effort we can make our world a peaceful, joyful, and loving one.