Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Relationship with God

I discovered the writing below, today on my computer while searching for something else and I wanted to share it.
You shouldn’t forget that while you lived as an embryo, you not only received nutrition from your mother but you also received love from her. Likewise, people living on earth are not only receiving physical nutrition from the universe but also love from God, who is the essential element of life. (Blessed Family -1062) CSG page 452

This morning, January 21, 2012 reading the passage above from CSG I understood for the first time the meaning of what it means “Indirect relationship with God, while in a period of growth”. I went further in my understanding. I also believe that I understand more clearly the dilemma of abortion.

Korean tradition of love and respect towards elders.
While in the womb, the embryo has no concept of God, but do receive love through the mother. The relationship with God and the outside world, from the embryo point of view only takes place through the mother. If we transfer this to our lives on earth, then we can say that as we come out of the womb, our life as spiritual being is in a stage of embryo and the only way that we can possibly feel God and the value of the entire universe, especially the spiritual world, is through the Parents who have given us life.

As we grow and development our understanding of our world and expend our ability to love, we become more independent and capable of relating to God on our own and therefore also relate to the universe on our own. By the time we reach maturity, by no means tells us that we have learned everything, but maturity is the time that we are judged capable to take responsibility for ourselves and for someone else’s life as well. And so, we become parents ourselves and the circle starts all over.