Monday, August 4, 2014

Sins versus Mistakes

What I thought and taught about sin and mistake back in 2008 at Character Education Classes.

Sin is any willful action, thought, or behavior that works to the detriment of oneself, others, and/or the universe.  Mistakes are not sins.  Mistake is an action, thought, or behavior that is done because of the wrong knowledge or due to a misunderstanding of events or people.  Mistakes are corrected by better educating oneself.  Sins are eliminated by learning how to love and live for the sake of others.
Anne-Marie Mylar 2008

What my husband is telling me now:

Sin is a hole in the spirit. It is not an action, but a point of being, being in darkness, dimness, in no light. Redeeming sins is self-worth. Redeeming sins is through loving self but not in a self-aggrandizing manner. Sin is the absence of light. It is the absence of God’s light.

The word translated from ancient Hebrew/Greek means: “to miss the mark.” (

Mistakes are human. To “err” is human. But to sin is also human in the idea that one does not perfectly live in light.  One can miss the mark because of the absence of light. When one has self-doubt, goes against the code of their self-reflection, their self-appraisement, then “sin” is what happens, in a manner of speaking. It is so much more clear from here. On the earth, the whole idea and concept is so muddled and so misunderstood, it is tragic.
Kem Mylar 3/31/2014

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