Sunday, February 7, 2016

Adam and Eve

As I started to read Cheon Seong Gyeong* today, thoughts came pouring into my mind so I had to write them down.  Here they are.

Adam and Eve had to have enough intelligence to understand God’s commandments, their physical brain abilities had to be very developed.  Through science we know that humans appeared on earth a very long time ago but they did not look the way we do today.  There was a need of great physical and mental development to reach the level of thinking of what we would consider advance humanoid.

So, just because we have discovered human existence to be millions of years old, that would not

If what I say above is true, now it is very easy to explain the fact that Adam and Eve had parents that nurtured and raised them.  It is also easy to think that both of them were not physical brother and sister.

The Garden of Eden that they were living in may not have been a particular area on earth, but may have very well meant simply a world without sin, a world without evil.

mean that Adam and Eve are that old.  I would think that Adam and Eve are probably a lot more recent.  This kind of thinking would explain the phrase, “The son of man” that is in the bible, and explain why it was not that difficult for the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve to find spouses.

*CSG page 1168
I wrote this January 10, 2014

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