Sunday, February 5, 2017

Understanding God

I seek to understand God.  I have more intensely do so in the past four years than ever before. In his late teens, my husband asked God directly who He was and God responded with, “I am”.  I have told this story several times before. Yesterday, however, while doing so once again, I felt a greater understanding of what these two words meant.

I understand that telling this story is not going to improve your own understanding of God, but telling a story over and over, someday the story might make sense.

So, yesterday for the 1st time I got a glimpse of what, “I am” means.

God, is not simply a spiritual being, another entity beside ourselves.  God simply is.  Without the existence of God, there is nothingness, not even a “black hole”.  Without the existence of God, there is no me, no you, no trees, no pets, no air, no world, no earth, no nothing.  So, God “is”.  By simply saying so, we do not limit our description of God but simply admit his existence as the only possibility for ours and the creation.

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