Sunday, September 22, 2019

How to apply, “Living for the sake of others”, when one is searching for a spouse.

If you were married and/or blessed once before:

Eliminate all resentment, possibly anger, and even sadness from previous relationships that might have been experienced. God cannot help, unless you eliminate all of these from your heart. Even difficult experiences in a past relationship may help making a new relationship successful. If they do exist, only remember the good experiences. The one that made you a better person, a more knowledgeable individual.


Having children has always been promoted by our True Parents. But so, has been wisdom and thinking of others before self. Think and pray well. Do not stay single simply because of an obsession that may never be fulfilled.

Seek the blessing for the sake of the other person:

The blessing is an amazing gift that will give you plenty of opportunities to grow your heart, discover God, and become the divine being that our Heavenly Parent would like you to become.

A simple prayer:

Dear Heavenly Parent let me find the spouse you have in mind for me. Show me whom would I be the best person for. Send me towards the person I can be the most helpful to. When we are together, let us help each other to be your conduit through whom you can express yourself to the world.

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