Tuesday, February 25, 2020

An American Prayer

Dear God in Heaven,

Thank you for guiding my life to this day.  Thank you for your ultimate patience and love.  I would not be who I am today if you had not been so.

Thank you for my husband.  Through him I have grown and become a greater person.  Thank you for my daughter, so unique, so loving and so sensitive in her own way.

I am here today and I write these words because I hear my husband cry.  He loves you dearly and his life has no meaning unless it is with you in his soul.  He tries.  He read many books and studied many religions but here he is because there was nothing there that could possible compare with the power of your Divine Principle.

 Dear God in Heaven, we want to teach our country men, women and children about you and about our True Parents.  We want to do it the way we know how.  We are not afraid.  We have nothing to lose.  Our lives have belonged to you from the time we were still in our youth.  We are not worried about going to Heaven.  We will be there if the rest of the world is.

Please let us understand what you want.  Give us the freedom to do it the American way.  We will do it with intelligence and heart.  We will use wisdom and courage.  We will work hard.  We will be proud of our work but will remain humble.  We will let you, God Almighty, guide us.  We will listen closely to your words and follow the Divine Principle.  We will be victorious because there is no other choice.

Respectfully and humbly submitted,
Anne-Marie Mylar