Friday, July 31, 2020

A letter of apology

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

You are precious to me. Your ancestry is precious to me. All your ancestors came from an exceptionally beautiful and precious continent, Africa. You have an amazing ability to love and care.
I would like to apologize to all of you on behalf of my race, for all the hurt and the abuse and the dis-respect that you and your ancestors have received because of our ignorance, our greed, and our inability to love.

I cannot demand forgiveness from any of you, I apologize expecting no rewards.

You can understand God better than many people because God’s own children were lied to, stolen, and raped by Lucifer and transported to a world that was not theirs. Your anger, outrage, and suffering has been and is today comparable to the one of our Heavenly Parent of yesterday and today.

Your amazing ability to love has been witnessed multiple times in the last 400 years or so. And it is my hope that together, we can cross the greatest divide of all so that we can reach the finish line together and at the same time, once and for all, bring all humanity back to God, our creator and loving Parent.

I apologize on behalf of my race,
Sincerely and with gratitude,
Anne-Marie Mylar

The Power of Giving…

Some people throughout history have felt value in giving to a cause or an idea. Individuals who have worked in missionary activities understand this. The richness of their lives cannot be valued monetarily, but their contribution is substantial.

There are many ways to give and support a project, an idea, or fulfill a goal. Money is not always available, but time might be—

For quite some time now, I have tried to find a couple of individuals who could offer me in earnest one or two hours a week of their precious time. A true gift, a genuine gift that would benefit others and truly serve a great purpose. So far, I have not been able to find such individuals within our communities.
I believe they are out there…
…but how to reach them? I do not know. Can you please help me find these precious people?

Programmer requirements
•    A schooled knowledge of programming.
•    Working knowledge of WHM and Cpanel work.

Office staff needs

•    Experience with and a level of comfort with computer applications such as Microsoft Office (particularly Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
•    A basic to mid-level understanding of Bookkeeping. 
(All work will be done online.)


•    My husband used to tell me that the work I do with OMS (Online Matching System) gave him Spiritual Life.
•    Knowing one is doing something that has value beyond oneself is uplifting. It brings heartistic and spiritual wealth.
•    Our busy lives may not always nourish our soul but participating, even minimally, in something that has value to God and humankind will.
So, if money is not available, perhaps time might be—