Monday, November 16, 2020

How to understand spiritual teaching.

•    God’s language is not Korean, English, or Japanese. God’s language is heartl (heart and love).
•    Every language has limitation to reach someone who was raised with a different language.
•    Therefore, how do we listen to spiritual education? (i.e. the one we received from True Parents, Dr. Yong, or any other teachers?)
•    By paying attention with our original heart, no other way.

How do we listen with our original heart?

1.    Respect – The teacher is trying to convey something
2.    Patience – We will not understand today, but at some point, we will.
3.    Trust – Trusting ourselves and our Heavenly Parent’s relationship with “I” is necessary.


Personal (Anne-Marie Mylar) experience with True Father’s words and ladies’ make-up

Belvedere between 1974 and 1979

TF told us, the ladies, that we should not make up or have beautiful clothes or even take the time to shower. It was not important.

Two weeks later

TF told us, the ladies, that we should always be very presentable. Take the time to put on make-up and have nice clothes.

If you were the person who heard only the 1st time and missed the talk two weeks later, what would you do? Was TF wrong the first time? And corrected himself? No, he was not. It is not what we do that matters most. It is with which motivation do we do or not do something. Father’s was right, both times. It is up to us to go beyond the words and understand the heart of God.
Dr. Chung Sik Yong - Belvedere November 2020