Tuesday, March 14, 2023

My father was supposed to be a priest.

My father was supposed to be a priest. In early 20th century in France the 1st son in a family would become a priest and if there was no son, the 1st Daughter would become a nun.

So, my father was supposed to become a priest. But his health was not very good, he was considered “too fragile”, so, after his seminary education, he had to return to the secular life.

I was the oldest daughter of my dad. My younger sister and I, both, for the 1st two years of our lives, were dressed only in blue and white colors in honor of the “Virgin Mary”. 

Sunday was very important, my sister holding my Father’s hand, and me holding my mother’s hand, we would walk to and from church, regardless of the weather. We did not have a car. We would also attend all the other rituals of the Catholic Church and walk to and from each of them, always.

My sister and I, both, enjoy every one of these rituals and were completely united with them.

Today’s morning devotion (March 14th, 2023) made me remember all these things, as Dr. Yong explained how important Sunday service is and our attitude towards it for the health of our spiritual self.

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