Wednesday, May 17, 2023

What would happen if

  • throughout the whole world
  • at the same time
  • all soldiers who have been ordered to fight and kill their peers,
  • would stop
  • refuge to kill, refuge to destroy, refuge to hate.
  • period!

What would happen?

It would instantly paralyze the world.

World leaders would have no choice but to come together and make plans for peace treaties between nations, between tribes, between brothers.

Militaries would become peace ambassadors and protectors. Their budgets will be used for improving the well beings of impoverished countries. They will become teachers, counselors and caregivers to those in needs.

What used to make weapons would make tools to improve infrastructures so that those who, today, have to walk several miles just to find water will not have to do so any longer.

Let us prove to each other that we are capable to lead this world and care for each other, then and, only then would we be given the rights to explore the universe.

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