Sunday, September 24, 2023

History verses Memories

I participate every morning to a Morning Prayer Meeting. It is via Zoom. I truly enjoy seeing many of my fellow brothers and sisters. I enjoy sharing with them for several minutes every day. They are kind to me, and I am kind to them too.

These days we are reading from a book titled, "Mother of Peace". True Mother (Dr. Hak Ja Han), is describing the story of her life, starting with her Grand-Mother, and Mother, at the time where Korea was occupied by Japan.

Suddenly a flow of thoughts came to me and I wanted to share them below.

My reflection would be too long to share in a few minutes. For the 1st 17 years of my life the only stories that I heard from my parents about their lives, were the 5 years of war/occupation of France during World War Two. When one is in the middle of a dramatic event, it cannot be remove from memory and will dominate (take subject position) the life of the individual. That is one of the reasons that World Peace is necessary - so that we can go beyond this kind of memories.

We cannot forget history - but we should not re-lived it every day either. And only those who did not live it, can be able to do so.

Healing process will come from the lives of those

who did not actually live the actual event.



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