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Our names...

This picture is from late May 1979 - Jim and Tula Mylar, President Salonen, Kem and I.



From the time I was engaged to my future husband Kem Mylar, I was always presented to a new comer as “Kem’s wife”, not Anne-Marie, but “Kem’s wife”. I had no problem with it. From the very beginning I appreciated the choice that Rev. Moon had made in choosing him as my future husband.

He was, at that time, the assistant of the President of HSA-UWC in the USA. Many brothers and sisters knew him.

Thirty-one years later, A matching platform, which I created became live. It is called the “Online Matching System”. Quite quickly, it started to be used across the world as one of the tools for the new generations of Unificationists to find their future spouse.

My husband then became “Anne-Marie’s husband”, not Kem, any more, but “Anne-Marie’s husband”. He used to joke about it, he did not mind it. He actually loved it.

He and I were and still are today “one”.
Thank you Heavenly Parent and True Parents for our blessed lives.

The black and white picture is our very first picture together - We had just been matched. The other picture is our last one - August 2012. About 5 weeks prior to his departure to the Spiritual World.

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