Friday, April 22, 2011

The faith is the same, only the ritual is different

In the newspaper a pastor wants to burn the Koran. What is the difference between him and other extremists who burn the Bible and the American Flag? None. Their faith is the same, only their rituals are different. Their faith is based on fear, hate, and ignorance. They have not taken the time to pray. They have not taken the time to look at mankind from God's point of view. They have not taken the time to develop their parental heart. Living for the sake of others is not in their vocabulary.

History has proven that hate will not bring us a peaceful world. "Eye for an eye" will not bring us a peaceful world. "I before they", will not bring us a peaceful world. Therefore we must search for another route.
Rev. Sun Myung Moon says, “You might be driven by the conspiracies of your enemies to die as a great traitor, or you might die as a result of your comrades, friends, or loved ones, or others, plotting to harm you, but when you die, do so with the heart of benefiting the world. Die without enemies. If you are to die anyway, die after planting something, and without making any enemies. Be resolved to die while loving the enemy as a friend rather than otherwise. Jesus’ prayer on the cross for his enemies was great in this way. (34-45,1970.8.29)
Serving and educating all nations in good economic principles, in good health care, in good education, in good reporting, and in good government, will allow the masses to overcome the few who today lead us into destroying ourselves.

The following link brings extensive information about the life and work of Rev. Moon, the man. He and his wife have invested a tremendous amount of energy and time in teaching and educating about the love of God and the purpose of creation.

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