Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Divine Principle

The greatness of the Divine Principle taught by the Unification Church is that it explains creativity in concrete terms and serves us in our understanding of the process of creation. Next, it provides a substantial explanation of how the Fall came about and then also presents a view of history. It clearly explains how God, rather than abandoning human beings in their fallen state, has been working diligently for their re-creation throughout the course of history. It logically and plainly reveals that through this process of restoration we will arrive at the world He purposed to achieve. (Sun Myung Moon,1990.11.20)
The world today is more aware of its surrounding than it was many years ago. The ability to study various thoughts, theologies, and religions is at the finger tips of many. There are no excuses for ignorance. I will not make excuses for what I believe is true but will put it out there for anyone to read. It is up to each of us, educated being to make the effort to understand how to create and maintain a peaceful world. By looking at the history of mankind we do realized that, so far, every single method used failed, so the importance of finding a different route for peace and the wellbeing of humankind should be one of primary study.

Divine Principle

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