Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weapon? or no Weapon?

Ignorance breeds fear, fear breeds war, war breeds resentment and suffering to the killers and to the victims and under mind their ability to think rationally about a world without violence. Ultimately the best weapon of all is education. I am not talking about math and science here, I am talking about learning how to love even those who think differently, pray differently and live differently than I.

Eliminating our ability to be greedy, selfish, intolerant, and afraid of what we don’t know will ultimately be the only way for us to avoid picking up our weapon and shoot because we are scared.

We, as a society, keep on arguing over things that cannot be solved (gun no gun, abort or not abort, gay or no gay, God in school not God in school, etc.) instead of fighting loosing battles why don’t we try to pick battles that actually can be won. Don’t try to educate me about the value of a gun in my house or the value of not having one. Educate me and educate the world about the value of practicing the ultimate act of true love, living my life for the sake of others. What does that mean? Really? Why don’t we discuss this instead? That is a very difficult subject, which we know very little about, but that is the only “weapon” that will save us all.

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