Friday, June 1, 2012

God's piece of cake!

If there’s no ring on your hand, God will put a diamond ring of the Kingdom of Heaven on your finger.

I have found myself at odds with some Unificationists in the past because of desperation over not being blessed or not having children. There is nothing more important to a follower of Rev. Moon than the marriage blessing and building a family centered on God. So, if one find that they cannot or have not done that, for some reason, they feel failure and more over they feel doom that they will never be able to experience spousal love and parental love.

Experiencing God’s love in all its forms is a pre-requisite in reaching the highest realm of the spiritual world.

On the other end, let’s think some more, God is a parental God; he will never be satisfied unless every individuals that has ever been born has the ability to reach the kingdom of heaven.  Therefore, I don’t have to think very hard to know that there will be a way for people who passed on to the spiritual world without receiving the marriage blessing and/or having children to experience the love of a spouse, the love of children, and the love of a parent. I don’t know the details but I do know that it must be so.

The words I read today from Rev. Moon gives me a hint that I am correct in my thinking and that we must not judge ourselves with things that we may not be able to control but instead make each day count as a day closer to become the loving person God wants us to be.  The rest is just a “piece of cake” for God.

In general when human beings think about eternal life, they think of it not only in terms of decades or centuries, but in millennia, tens of millennia or eons. When people die, they are no different from animals. What use is it to leave anything behind? Nowadays, even atheists and agnostics say to themselves: “Ah, I have to make a name for myself.” Yet, of what use is it to do that? Even if one became an American patriot and were honored with a monument, it would disappear when America perishes. What use is it to leave your name behind? Even if you did so, historically speaking, something that was considered good during a period of prosperity can later be viewed as bad during a period of decline. (103-15, 1979.1.28)

God’s purpose is to have His posterity populate the earth. Therefore, when we go before God in the spirit world, having left behind children of the Living God on earth, we also come to stand in His position. That indeed, is the meaning of the scripture, “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.” (146-223, 1986.3.11)

What will you do in your life? Leave a tomb of love behind. Let us leave a tomb of love behind! If you live inside a tomb of love, you will feel no bitter sorrow. You may get tired of living in a place like a tomb, but will feel no bitter sorrow if you live in love. If we leave a tomb of love behind in our lifetime, our life will be a success for eternity. If you live like that and die, God will bring His sons and daughters to welcome you in the spirit world. If there’s no ring on your hand, God will put a diamond ring of the Kingdom of Heaven on your finger. If you’re not well-dressed, God will dress you in the richest apparel fit for the royalty of the Kingdom of Heaven. (97-167, 1978.3.12) CSG page 591 Rev. Sun Myung Moon

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