Friday, March 6, 2015

I am so sad

Should we hope for a peaceful world?  Should we hope that forgiveness, kindness, understanding, patience, unconditional love, and unconditional desire to help and serve will ever be the norm between human beings?  How, can we ever hope for this to happen among the billions people who live on earth today?  How? You tell me.  If it cannot happen between a mother and her nine living children, how can we possibly believe that it would ever happen at all!

Yes, it will but it will take a very long time, longer than necessary with more suffering than necessary.  It is hard not to feel pain, it is hard not to cry, it is hard not to feel hopeless.  Yet, I cannot resent, I cannot accuse, I cannot judge, why?  Simply because I am not walking in their own shoes.  My only option then, is pray and trust the God I was made to believe in when I was a child and when I became part of a global movement who so desire to create a God centered peaceful world.

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