Saturday, March 21, 2015

If you have to scold someone...

“Honey, I lost my…..”

If your spouse reports to you the loss of a wallet, credit card, or purse, what should be your first reaction?

Please don’t scold.  Your spouse feels bad enough already.  Be kind, thoughtful, and helpful.  No one is going to lose something valuable on purpose, so why should you make him or her feel worse by your criticism?

This advice is important, I promise you.  So, does this also ap  Are you going to get irritated? Or are you going to make your child feel that it is not a big deal and he or she simply needs to clean up?  And, please be kind and help clean the mess. 
ply for a child who spills his drink, or drops something because he or she is still clumsy?

Life is full of these little scenarios and depending on how we react to them, we will deepen our relationship with someone else or distance ourselves from that person.  We have an opportunity to initiate a trust relationship with a child and help this boy or girl be proud and respectful of themselves.  If not, we risk making a child feel that they are worthless.

We may not always realize it but we do have the power.

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