Saturday, March 21, 2015

About leaders and followers

Leadership is most of the time an in-born quality that still needs to be cultivated by the one person put in such a position.  Very few people are actually born with that kind of quality.  If we observe mankind’s behavior we will see that we are followers and very happy to be so.  It take leadership qualities for a follower to stand and challenge the actions of a leader, few of us have that ability.

However, there is nothing wrong by being the follower.  A follower will make or break a leader no matter who he or she is.  The leader is dependent on the success of the followers, without them he is nothing.  One ability to work under a mediocre leader and succeed in the accomplishment of the task at end is in God's eyes a successful person and deserves God’s blessings.

A follower who does not criticize but gives support and guidance when needed, is patient, is a gold mine to any leader.

We must remember that leaders are not born with the wisdom of old masters, they will make many mistakes, we have no right to judge as we are not in their shoes, our only right is to be the best support we can, following our conscience and the Principles we have learn.

If a leader does not fulfill his part of the bargain in a relationship it is not our responsibility but his or hers and it should not affect the way the follower should behave.

The leader fulfills the condition of faith but the foundation of substance falls a lot of time on the follower first, it is a difficult thing to achieve and require many actions, for a long period of time.

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