Sunday, July 16, 2017

A thought about a painting

While reading this morning… I thought:
Compared to the process of creation, the course of restoration is far more difficult. God has had to walk a path of tribulation many times more difficult. God has been working through history to provide a ladder for human beings, who fell into the realm devoid of the Principle, and pull them up. (CSG - 42-277, 1971.03.27)

I imaging an artist wanting to represent the bold red words (above) through a painting. Then, the thought of not wanting to do that came to my mind, because the image on the painting would have become an icon for people to worship and their own imagination, or more like, their own thought process development would be stunted by the painting created.  We don’t need to think when we have someone who already has is done and represented on the physical plane (like a painting).  Then I thought of the Islamic faith that does not permit any religious painting.  It suddenly made sense to me.  Why, would that be right.  One, as I said above, once an image is presented to you of a thought then it stops us (humanity) from thinking further.  Two, it creates a vehicle for bigotry and crime in the name of the faith (just like many Christians did in the past and Islamic faith individuals are doing today).
Originally written: November 4, 2016

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