Thursday, June 29, 2017

No one can know if I am perfect

No one can know if I am perfect, I am the only one who can tell.  Today I am in tune with my conscience. I have no conflict inside myself. I can sense the presence of God and heavenly spirits around me.  I am not as perfect as I will be tomorrow but today I am just fine.  
I will make mistakes today, possibly. But, that is not because of a selfish heart or lack of wanting to serve someone else, it will, simply be because it is today. Tomorrow I will not make that mistake.  I will have grown one more day.
Let judgement be made by the creator, after all He/She knows best. Our conscience, however, does understand right from wrong too, and will automatically make us aware if what we just said, or did, or even planned, will be helpful or hurt someone else, the creation, or even myself.

That is why your conscience knows and remembers not only every action you have performed, but  also  every  thought  you  have  entertained.  Your  conscience  is  aware  of  these  things  before your own teachers, parents or even God are. Hence, if you were to live in absolute obedience to the  commands  of  your  conscience,  which  is  your  teacher  for  eternity,  you  would  be  absolutely guaranteed to have eternal life. Such is the way of God’s creation.
Rev. Sun Myung Moon - from "Peace Messages"

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