Thursday, November 24, 2022

Can you reach God?

Posted on Facebook from a friend of mine in 2020:

I have often heard people say that God expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Why? Because that is what Genesis says. But, as we know, God is a God of unconditional love. Does a God of unconditional love expel his children?

No, I think it makes much more sense that Adam and Eve left of their own accord, because their hearts could not remain in the garden. It may have FELT like they were expelled, but I can't see God doing that.

My husband experience with God:

What the gentleman said above makes sense. My own husband testimony matched what is said. When my husband was 19 years old, he wanted to know God, and so he did. But when he met God and found himself next to God, he could not stay there. The love of God was so intense that his whole being could not handle it. He looks down and saw himself as he was, and he did not want to be that person, but he had no choice. He gradually went down to his own level. God did not push him away. My husband, as a very young man, was immature and had much to learn and had to go back to his own level and continue his spiritual and heartistic growth so that he could be able to be with God.

So, yes, we can reach God, it will take diligence, education, time, humility, perseverance, and much unconditional love. God is not the one pushing us away.

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States - November 24, 2022.

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