Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Learning how to Love

Describing how to love another human being and our surrounding beautiful universe might be necessary education for many. We are told that we must love, but what does that really means.

I think too many people actually do not know how to love, what does love truly means, how
does one manifest love. Love is not describe well at all on Google or the dictionary. A greater understanding of what love is necessary.

My personal explanation of how to manifest basic love is below – in that order.

  1. Respect
    1. If someone is respectful towards someone else, that person will be listened to when the time comes to speak.
    2. Respect will nurture trust
  2. Listen spoken and un-spoken words.
    1. If someone is able to listen and pay attention, then this person will be allowed to speak and teach when the time comes.
  3. Serve and protect
    1. A person who serves will be listened to, and respected.
  4. Educate
    1. Teaching someone is possible when the person we are teaching feels that they are respected and listen to as well.
  5. Accept service
    1. For many good people it is easier to served than to accept service, however, letting someone serve you is a very good way to let them know that you respect them as well as trust them.

All the above describe True Love and are the basic component necessary to manifest True Love towards others. I know there are a lot more, but these are first, I think.

Update: August 20, 2022 - as I was telling that to someone today, it was mentioned to me that "Honesty" has to be part of it. I fully agree with that.

So here it is - for now - You are welcome to comment.

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