Friday, March 29, 2024

Joshua and Caleb verses Cain and Abel

This morning reading during our prayer meeting (HDK), True Mother spoke about Joshua and Caleb. She says: “Throughout their lives, Joshua and Caleb remained loyal to Heaven, and they led the chosen people into Canaan.”

I then realized, that referring to each other as Cain or Abel may not be the best way anymore. What about if we were using the expression “Joshua and Caleb” instead?

Cain and Abel had their time. Including in our movement.

We referred to each other as either being in the position of Cain or Abel. I have prayed many prayers, mentioning the necessity for Abels to become “True Abels” so that Cains become “True Cains”. However, this morning reading, tells me that it is time for us to refer to each other’s as Joshua and Caleb instead. They had a relationship of respect towards each other with the same goals. They supported each other and each found their place in the providence in accordance with their own abilities.

Our young people of today are the one who are going to face the end of the last days. Not an easy task. The only way they will make it, is by supporting, caring, and working together with the same goals. Thinking “Joshua and Caleb” is a good way.

With gratitude, always,


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