Thursday, March 21, 2024

Living for the sake of others, how to apply this life principle?

It is not difficult to fulfill this when the situation is obvious that someone needs help, many of us will rush to help, give money, provide a meal, and pray.

However, living for the sake of others is a lot more than just taking care of emergencies. Living for the sake of others is to be constantly aware of what we do and not do, which might affect someone else’s life and emotions.

One example:

I have seen, way too many times, in my line of work, the missing opportunities of “living for the sake of others”. The example below is, unfortunately too frequent.

Singles register on OMS in order to find a spouse. They create a profile, they become a candidate. Then, at some point, via a different source they do find someone, and start an earnest conversation. However, they do not notify me, so that their profile becomes invisible to others.

In the meantime, their profile still gets looked at, and shared by Matching Supporters to candidates. Someone gets their hopes up because they read a good profile that truly appeal to them. And then, suddenly, we get an email that tells us, the individual has been in a relationship for a while now, could you please turn the profile off?

This is truly sad.

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