Sunday, April 29, 2012


Why do I use FaceBook? Why do I grant access to my pictures and writings to people I have never met? I do not know them. Are they good people? Bad people? I do not know.

I do deny some requests. I deny request if there is no picture identifying the person. I deny request if their multitude of friends are all unknown to me. But, most of the time, I grant the request. I grant the request simply because I recognized the name of some of their friends as being also listed as my friends.

Now that I have explained my criteria for accepting or denying a requests, let me answer the first question that I raised. Why do I use FaceBook. I use FaceBook as a medium to reach out to others. To let them know what I think, to share with them thoughts that I believe are important. I always keep in mind that what ever I post is for the world to see. I want the world to read what I write. I want the world to understand what I say. I want the world to know what I believe. I want the world to know who I am and what are my hopes, my dreams, and my goals.

I am a Unificationist. I have been so for the last thirty-nine years. I have never regretted the path I took at the age of  twenty-one years old. I purposely left behind a job that I could do very well and a family that I loved. I entered a brand new life of an unknown future. However, my religious upbringing had help me to start learning how to relate to God. My faith, thought, at that time strong but uneducated, help me to make the decisions that were life changing.

"When you go out into the world and meet a grandfather, treat him as your own grandfather. Treat people like your own mothers, like your own fathers or like your own sons. When you go out into the world you should all live like this." Sun Myung Moon (128-22, 1983.5.29) CSG page 442.
I posted the paragraph above because I like it, that is all. I read almost daily the teaching of Rev. Moon, like many Christians read the bible on a regular basis. Once in a while I come across a paragraph that I especially like, and I post it.

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