Sunday, April 29, 2012

What are religions for?

"They are training grounds through which God has been directing all people along that path, whatever their race, cultural background, customs and traditions. Religions are the training grounds for training people to become eligible to return to the original home­land. Taking into account the diverse cultural backgrounds ranging across the four corners of the earth, God is lead­ing humanity toward a unified world of religion that can progress upward onto higher ground.

What does religion which guides people to the original homeland, cen­trally teach? It is to live for the sake of others. As highly developed religions tend to emphasize this principle, they teach us to be gentle and meek, to stand in a position to elevate others and live for their sake, and to serve them sacrifi­cially. All this serves to instill discipline in us to abide by the laws of the Kingdom of Heaven." Sun Myung Moon 1975.5.6
Are these words hard to understand? After 40 years as a Unificationist, they are not hard for me but I don't know about people who come across them for the first time. The paragraph before this one was:

"You may not know of the reality of the spirit world, but I enjoy the spe­cial benefit from God of having a clear insight into that unknown world. Dig­ging into the root of that world, I found its principles to be quite simple. In the spirit world only those who lived altruis­tically in line with God’s universal prin­ciples can enter the higher realms. The world structured along those lines is the ideal heavenly kingdom. That place is the original homeland that humankind must seek. Today, although we are exiles from our original homeland and live a fallen life, we are destined to return there. God had to create a path for this in the course of history because we could not do so by our own efforts."
When Rev. Moon speaks about "Original homeland" he means the place that God originally intended when He created Adam and Eve. The place that is described in the Bible as the "Garden of Eden".  The world we live in today is far from that original place, however, the goal remains the same. A world of peace, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, concern for others and the creation will make a world that is utterly pleasant for all, regardless of our aspirations, personalities, and personal desires.

A successful business person will have the right to his or her money because he or she will have earned it with good ethics. He or she will be providing a product or a service that is beneficial to society and promote the welfare of mankind and the creation.

Politicians will be truly servants of their people. The words "Platform" and "Party" will be history. Politicians will work together for the benefit of the whole. They will look at the need of people from a global standpoint and together will try to bring solutions to what ever problems come their way.

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