Saturday, July 3, 2021

Why do I listen to Dr. Yong?

Why do I come back every morning and pay attention to what he says?
Is it because I am scared not to go to Heaven if I don't? No
Is it because he says that I must? No

I started Morning Devotion out of respect toward a new central figure who had just come from Asia. He wanted to speak to us and I thought that was a good idea, so that he and us could know each other very quickly.

Within days, I was writing this about Dr. Yong?
Every day I listened to Dr. Yong, and after a little while, I realized that my eyes are wet. Quiet tears I did not know were there. I am so grateful for his teaching. It is my first time to experience a Korean Teacher speaking English so well. He can communicate his whole being to an English-speaking audience. This is truly God’s gift to America.  
It is my wish that we, as American members can pay attention to the words that are taught to us by God through Dr. Yong. I am proud of him and his ability to teach and reach our heart and soul.
More than 7 months later, I still think the same.
If we stop someone on the street or anywhere for that matter, someone we do not know and asked them the following question, “What is the purpose of human existence? What are you trying to accomplish with your personal life?” What kind of answers would we get?

We can cypher through millions of answers, but the result would come down to a few sentences. We all want a sense of fulfillment that brings respect, love, and joy. However, many of these millions of people will not reach that fulfillment in their life time on earth for one simple reason. They think it is up to them alone to make that happen, and that is where we go wrong.

We are all dependent on the environment surrounding us, and I am not just talking physical, but also mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual. Our lives, like it or not, are intertwined and if one believes that it is only with their strong will and might that they will accomplish what they want, they will, in the end, lose.

We are the owner of our happiness, but it important to understand that to get it we do need the input of many – their advice, their love, their guidance, their warning.

So back to Dr. Yong. Is he perfect? I don’t know and I don’t care. It is not my job to judge him, but I think it is my responsibility to try to understand what he has to say. It is up to me to feed my soul.

July 3rd, 2021


  1. Completely rigth ,he Is a Genius in explaining every single step in order to grow spiritually,Amazing mind and heart .
    and heart.

  2. Thanks Anne Marie. Your experience resonates with mine. It has been and continues to be a blessing to listen to him every day. I am almost equally blessed by the sharing by our members. My appreciation for our community has grown.

  3. What I like most on your Thoughts on Dr. Yongs message is - that it is me that feeds my soul.
    Words of wisdom that come from someones personal experience are always welcome. My spiritual
    Nutrition plan includes a balanced variety. Its not only scriptural items but everything on what God left his fingerprints on.
    Like Beauty in nature, in People and Animals,
    the Arts, especially music. God speaks to me through literature and good movies and also History.
    Let's not forget those quiet times in Meditation - inviting God Himself to speak to my heart and Soul.
    I appreciate Dr. Jong to add on and make himself a channel for Gods wisdom...

  4. As a person of many interests everything is interconnected - I prefer a holistic approach in dealing with Life and solving problems. When it comes to peace I say - No Peace without God. God is the common denominator. I appreciate the personality God gave me and I will never try to be somebody else. There is only one Klaus Schick - me. God wants to live through me and anybody else.
    That makes us Brothers and Sisters.
    otherwise, part of my profile is, that I was born in Germany, visited many Countries and therefore have been washed in many waters. I believe in cooperation and social harmony. My first Allegiance is to God.

    1. A Christian, a Muslim and AJU!!!

  5. Wow,
    Great piece of your mind.
    There is nothing in it I could disagree with.
    The two comments of mine from July in 2021
    Came across to me that made me first wonder if this was me who wrote this - yes - ones we put ourselves into some reflective thinking amazing thoughts come from deep down….