Saturday, March 21, 2015

If you have to scold someone...

“Honey, I lost my…..”

If your spouse reports to you the loss of a wallet, credit card, or purse, what should be your first reaction?

Please don’t scold.  Your spouse feels bad enough already.  Be kind, thoughtful, and helpful.  No one is going to lose something valuable on purpose, so why should you make him or her feel worse by your criticism?

This advice is important, I promise you.  So, does this also ap  Are you going to get irritated? Or are you going to make your child feel that it is not a big deal and he or she simply needs to clean up?  And, please be kind and help clean the mess. 
ply for a child who spills his drink, or drops something because he or she is still clumsy?

Life is full of these little scenarios and depending on how we react to them, we will deepen our relationship with someone else or distance ourselves from that person.  We have an opportunity to initiate a trust relationship with a child and help this boy or girl be proud and respectful of themselves.  If not, we risk making a child feel that they are worthless.

We may not always realize it but we do have the power.

About leaders and followers

Leadership is most of the time an in-born quality that still needs to be cultivated by the one person put in such a position.  Very few people are actually born with that kind of quality.  If we observe mankind’s behavior we will see that we are followers and very happy to be so.  It take leadership qualities for a follower to stand and challenge the actions of a leader, few of us have that ability.

However, there is nothing wrong by being the follower.  A follower will make or break a leader no matter who he or she is.  The leader is dependent on the success of the followers, without them he is nothing.  One ability to work under a mediocre leader and succeed in the accomplishment of the task at end is in God's eyes a successful person and deserves God’s blessings.

A follower who does not criticize but gives support and guidance when needed, is patient, is a gold mine to any leader.

We must remember that leaders are not born with the wisdom of old masters, they will make many mistakes, we have no right to judge as we are not in their shoes, our only right is to be the best support we can, following our conscience and the Principles we have learn.

If a leader does not fulfill his part of the bargain in a relationship it is not our responsibility but his or hers and it should not affect the way the follower should behave.

The leader fulfills the condition of faith but the foundation of substance falls a lot of time on the follower first, it is a difficult thing to achieve and require many actions, for a long period of time.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Just a mistake...

It is important to differentiate between a mistake and an evil act.

Mistakes are made constantly by everyone, especially good people because good people are not afraid to go forward and do things that they think will make the world better.  Along the way, due to many different reasons, mistakes will be made.  That is OK.

If a human being is told from the time that they are a young child that mistakes are part of learning then suddenly a mistake will be an integral part of the learning experience necessary to become the best person than one can be.

An evil act on the other hand, is just what it is, doing something purposely to hurt someone else including oneself.

Mistakes should not need forgiveness.  Just like a child learning his ABCs the child does not need to be forgiven he simply needs to repeat his ABCs again until he gets it right.

However, we humans have a hard time to differentiate mistake from evil act and evil acts can end up being seen as mistakes and vice versa.

It will take time and a lot of “mistakes” until we figure out which is which and act accordingly.  Until then, forgiveness in our mind and heart in every circumstance is a major component for spiritual growth and making us be the right person every time.

I am so sad

Should we hope for a peaceful world?  Should we hope that forgiveness, kindness, understanding, patience, unconditional love, and unconditional desire to help and serve will ever be the norm between human beings?  How, can we ever hope for this to happen among the billions people who live on earth today?  How? You tell me.  If it cannot happen between a mother and her nine living children, how can we possibly believe that it would ever happen at all!

Yes, it will but it will take a very long time, longer than necessary with more suffering than necessary.  It is hard not to feel pain, it is hard not to cry, it is hard not to feel hopeless.  Yet, I cannot resent, I cannot accuse, I cannot judge, why?  Simply because I am not walking in their own shoes.  My only option then, is pray and trust the God I was made to believe in when I was a child and when I became part of a global movement who so desire to create a God centered peaceful world.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Credo of a Preacher

The goal of a sermon is as follows:
  1. The congregation is inspired to renewed efforts to a life of service for the fulfillment of God's will.
  2. The congregation should not leave the service, depress or negative towards the speaker or the content given.
  3. The congregation should leave the service grateful, uplifted, humbled, and privileged to belong to such a great group of people.
  4. The person giving the sermon should remember that judgment belong to God and not to humans.  Even the greatest of human beings have too many ancestral and personal faults to permit themselves to judge others unless they have a deep personal, loving relationship with the person they are talking to, and that is not a possible situation when speaking to a group of people.
  5.  If a single person, in the congregation, feels unloved and sad at the end of a service, the preacher failed to reach God’s goal for that sermon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


One particular Sunday, not too long ago, I heard the best explanation ever on God.  I would like to share it here.

Before the universe, there was nothing except for God.  There was no universe.  There was no material world.  There was no matter.  However, God—this being—wants to see Her and Himself reflected in another being.  God wants to have a relationship with a being outside of Himself or Herself, and also wants to experience the sense of growth through making responsible choices, to have the actual experience of becoming.  God can’t “become,” because God already is.
Unless God can have this experience, I think God is somewhat unfulfilled.
Therefore, in order to experience another person, first you have to make a realm separate from yourself.  How can you make a realm that is separate from yourself if you are everything?  If you think of God, you would think that before there was any physical world, then you would have to think that God is everything in a single point, but also infinite-dimensional, too.  God is everything. 

In order to make something that is other than God, actually what God has to do is to narrow things down. Not to make something outside of Him or Herself, but to make something within God’s Self that is finite.   Because God can’t relate directly to that;  God is too big for that. 

So God is infinite-dimensional and the physical world is finitely dimensional.  We only have three space dimensions in time so we are living in a place that is three-dimensional but God is way beyond that.  So we actually exist within the consciousness of the mind of God.  We are within God’s mind but we are also separate from God’s mind because we are other than God, because we are finite. 
Alison Wakelin - Dec 28, 2014

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Heaven is a state of being and not an actually place either on earth or in the spirit world. 

Heaven can be attained while still physically alive and of course at some point in the spirit world.  Heaven is not a place that God is going to forbid us to enter if we have not accomplished things the way we should have. 

The Heavenly state of being is just not attained unless one has made the effort to reach that state of mind and heart.  God can only guide, counsel, prod, love, and support our effort to reach an Heavenly state of being – He cannot forbid – He created us with the ability to reach that state.

Friday, January 2, 2015

More on Perfection

No one can know if I am perfect, I am the only one who can tell.  Today I am in tune with my conscience.  I have no conflict inside myself.  I can sense the presence of God and heavenly spirits around me.  I am not as perfect as I will be tomorrow but today I am just fine.  I will make mistakes today, possibly.  But, that is not because of a selfish heart or lack of wanting to serve someone else, it will, simply because it is today.  Tomorrow I will not make that mistake.  I will have grown one more day.

The statement above does not speak about the author - It is simply stating some reflections about what perfection might be.